Farm for Sale in Tuscany 047Fz

Spendid farm located in Tuscany. The property spans 454 hectares, of which 67 hectares are planted vineyard, 5 hectares are oliveyard 33.5 hectares is for future vineyard cultivation and others hectares are wood and fields; have also an artificial lake of 45.000 m3 of water with 12 km of underground pipes and nozzles for irrigation throughout the farm with 4 natural atmospheres obtained by gravity. The property is equipped with a fully functional vinification and bottling plant with a capacity of 1,000,000 bottles per annum. The property is away 4 km from the sea. About the buildings, they are: Head building with houses for employees, offices, cellars, warehouses, a room used for direct sales, a tasting room, a room for meetings and a restaurant for 120 places inside and 300 places outside. Two farmhouses to renovate. Remains of a farmhouse in the wood. Detached farmhouse with 2 apartaments.

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Land space 4.540.000 m²

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